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Limited Warranty & Return Policy

Limited Warranty Coverage

BLOOMS/BladeWorks offers a 50% guarantee on trees, shrubs, and evergreens, purchased at full price, within 1 year of the Original Purchase Date when they are planted by BLOOMS/BladeWorks staff.  (Note: Acts of Nature do not apply.) Sale Merchandise will NOT qualify for any warranty. You MUST provide an original cash register receipt or the customer copy of the original tri-color work order. You will receive a 50% credit of the original purchase price of the plant material toward the purchase of replacement plant material from BLOOMS. This is a One Time Replacement. This does not include costs associated with planting or delivery.   Under no circumstances will cash refunds be offered. The timeline for replacing a plant will be dependent on availability and scheduling.

Perennials, including Roses and Butterfly Bushes, as well as annuals, vegetables and herbs are not warranted. The reason: they are so much easier to be affected by swings in temperature and moisture, sun, or lack thereof, critter-tasting and more.

We have a lot of pride in our BLOOMS and BladeWorks teams, who have planted and cared for thousands of trees and plants for residences, business, colleges, and cities around Central and Eastern Iowa. Their work and pride in providing some of the best plant material available shows in the condition of plants offered to our Valued Customers daily.

Return Policy

BLOOMS offers a SAME-DAY return policy on ALL plant material. You MUST provide an original cash register receipt and the plant material must be in good condition and not removed from its original container. You want to purchase the high-quality plant material you expect at BLOOMS, and in order to do that, we need to make sure the plants have received the best possible care. Once a plant leaves BLOOMS, we don’t know what the plant has been exposed to or how it has been cared for.

When you purchase trees, shrubs, evergreens and small fruits you are offered a “Care & Feeding” Guidesheet. Please read it over carefully as it has excellent tips for watering and caring for newly planted materials. For more information please visit the link below:

Updated 3-5-2021

Watering for Your New Trees

  • Water upon planting – a 2”+ caliper tree must be watered with 10 gallons of water every other day for the first week (Planting, 3rd, and 5th day). 1” caliper and smaller require 5 gallons.
  • After the first week we recommend that you water 2.5 gallons per caliper inch once a week while temperatures are below 80 degrees and 2 times a week if temperatures are above 80 degrees.
  • If you are planting in late Fall, you will water once a week until the ground is frozen. Most likely November into December and early Spring.
  • We recommend that you DO NOT fertilize your Tree for the first year other than a ROOT STABILIZER. Bonide Plant Starter Available at BLOOMS.

Large trees may need higher amounts of water throughout the year. The bigger the plant, the more the shock to it when transplanted.

One way to measure the amount of water is to drill a few 1/8” holes in the lower side just above the floor of a 5-gallon bucket. Set a bucket on each side of the Tree, fill with 2.5 gallons of water (1/2 the bucket) in the early morning / latter evening and repeat on the opposite side of the trunk.

Lawn irrigation systems do not water below 2 inches and DO NOT provide the depth of water needed for the root ball. You may skip watering if you receive 1” of a slow soaking rain or more within the week.

Remove natural paper wrap from your tree in the Spring/Summer months and replace it in the Fall/Winter. This protects the thin skin from frost crack and scalding. Natural Paper Wrap and White Plastic Sleeves to protect your tree from deer antler rub are available for purchase at BLOOMS by BladeWorks Garden Center and Gift Shop.

Updated 8-1-2020

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